Almost 12,000 Prince Edward Island Aerial Photos Online! 

Welcome to Michael Poczynek's Aerial Photograph Gallery of Prince Edward Island Canada Real Estate, a product of and

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Click on the links to the left and you will find a complete set of all the Aerial Photos that I have taken from a Single Engine Cessna 172 while flying over Prince Edward Island.

From these photographs, I have selected a "chosen few" to use on my website and place in our office.  I have now placed all the raw images (unedited) online because I feel it is a shame to have these beautiful photographs sitting on my computer without being able to share them with the world.  I also use the Cesna to view properties with clients looking for higher end properties or large tracts of land.  It is a great deal faster and more enjoyable then driving for days.

If you have a property or an area you would like photographed please contact me, and I am sure I can make arrangements.  YES!  I do Aerial Photographs requests.

Copyright Warning:  These pictures are Copyright (c) Michael Poczynek and I reserved all distribution and usage rights.  These pictures are for personal viewing and not to be used for commercial purposes without my expressed written permission.  If you want to use these photographs for commercial purposes, or on your website please contact me directly.  In the event that my permission is not obtained you will be billed $800.00 per photograph plus applicable taxes.